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Washing Machine Parts

We stock an extensive range of genuine Indesit washing machine spares to suit all of your part replacement needs, we also offer next day delivery so you’ll never have to be without your machine for long. Whether your washing machine door seal has torn or the Lifters have seen better days, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re ordering directly from the manufacturer.

The fastest and easiest way to find the correct part for your washing machine is by entering your model number, you will then be able to view the line drawings we have available for all of our models. Once you’ve found the right part simply enter the item number into the highlighted box.

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Washing machine cold valve

Part: 3224153

Out of stock

£12.99incl. VAT

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model fimd23ixs %ef%bf%bd - Control Knobs
model fimd23ixs %ef%bf%bd - Mechanics
model fimd23ixs %ef%bf%bd - Pipes
model fimd23ixs %ef%bf%bd - Lamps & Bulbs
model fimd23ixs %ef%bf%bd - Module & Control Boards
model fimd23ixs %ef%bf%bd - Paddles & Lifters
model fimd23ixs %ef%bf%bd - Drums
model fimd23ixs %ef%bf%bd - Electrics
model fimd23ixs %ef%bf%bd - Handles
model fimd23ixs %ef%bf%bd - Gaskets & Seals
model fimd23ixs %ef%bf%bd - Belts
model fimd23ixs %ef%bf%bd - Thermometers
model fimd23ixs %ef%bf%bd - Taps & Valves
model fimd23ixs %ef%bf%bd - Panels
model fimd23ixs %ef%bf%bd - Doors
model fimd23ixs %ef%bf%bd - Hinges
model fimd23ixs %ef%bf%bd - Motors & Fans
model fimd23ixs %ef%bf%bd - Heaters & Elements
model fimd23ixs %ef%bf%bd - Detergent Drawers
model fimd23ixs %ef%bf%bd - Pumps
model fimd23ixs %ef%bf%bd - Plinths, Kick Strips & Bases
model fimd23ixs %ef%bf%bd - Covers & Lids
model fimd23ixs %ef%bf%bd - Feet, Legs & Screws
model fimd23ixs %ef%bf%bd - Filters